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Tending Your Yard: A Mesmerizing Tour of a Natural Garden in Lincoln

Nestled in the heart of Lincoln, MA lies a garden that serves as a beacon of hope for nature lovers and green-thumbs alike. The Wayland Garland Club had the privilege of experiencing this horticultural marvel firsthand last week (September 19th 2023), and the insights garnered were nothing short of transformative.

Nature’s Redemption in a One-Acre Expanse

Taking cues from Doug Tallamy’s groundbreaking book, “Nature’s Best Hope,” a seemingly ordinary plot of land has been reborn. No longer the static expanse of European turf grass, this acre has been thoughtfully curated to be a haven for biodiversity.

Garden designer and proud Wayland Garden Club member, Leisha Johnson, played the gracious host for this tour. With each winding pathway, she showcased the metamorphosis of her project: from an ecologically stagnant space to a lush mosaic of habitats. Each patch, each corner brims with lessons on promoting wildlife, supporting pollinators, and crafting sustainable landscapes.

From Designed Meadows to Edible Delights

Visitors were treated to a visual feast. The alternative plant combinations for front entries captivated the imagination. The allure of designed meadows made one reconsider the potential of their own backyard. The seamless integration of edible plants served as a testament to both form and function, while the charm of gravel gardens showed that even the most challenging soils can be coaxed into beauty.

A Commendable Cause

Not only was this tour an eye-opener, but it also carried a philanthropic undertone. While the workshop was generously free, participants were encouraged to make a contribution to the noble cause of Every cent goes towards the “Tending Your Yard, Tending The Earth” demonstration garden – an educational initiative that benefits countless enthusiasts and novices alike.

On Practical Notes

Carpooling, always an eco-friendly choice, was the mode of the day. Members convened at the Wayland shopping plaza, making their journey together to the enchanting 100 Page Road in Lincoln. Their sustainable travel choice was not only environmentally considerate but also ensured that the garden’s limited parking capacity was efficiently used.

In Reflection

As we look forward to the next meeting of the Wayland Garland Club, we reflect on the indelible impact of our recent adventure. We left with not just memories but a profound appreciation for what’s achievable in our yards, armed with knowledge, passion, and a touch of creativity.

Remember, every garden, no matter its size, has the potential to be a sanctuary for nature. And as we tend our yards, we invariably tend the Earth.